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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Paintings of Ontario, Morgan Ferriter

Here is a collection of paintings from 2003-2004 from when I lived in Canada. I have exhibited in Toronto and surrounds plus one group show in Ottawa, the last of which was a group showing in the McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg, Ontario. I did most of my initial work there in the extremes of winter which is reflected in some of the paintings. I spent three months painting and getting to know Toronto from where I lived on College Street in Little Italy.

'Bala Dusk'. 18" x 12"
This painting was done really quickly, I had just spent a few days in the Muskoka area of Ontario in a town called Bala, this is Moon River that flows through it.

'Frozen River'. 22" x 32"

This is a park in Toronto called Sunnybrook, it was around -25 but the sun was out and it was clear.

Ontario Fall, 36" x 18"
I used a small brush in over-lapping diagonal movements. I just put down areas of colour and blended one area into the next. The tree trunks were almost an after thought.

'Tree Shadows'. 18" x 13"
Smaller composition of a place called Mill Pond in Richmond Hill, Toronto. 

Salt Springs Island,  14" x 22"